How Cold Weather Affects Windows and Doors

How Cold Weather Affects Windows and Doors

Have you thought about how cold weather affects the windows and doors in your home? With much of the country freezing away in winter weather, it’s possible you’re seeing some of those issues with your doors and windows. Especially if you have old windows and doors, you could be asking for trouble down the line. This is due to to rotting, warping, and losing heat.

How Cold Weather Affects Windows and Doors


During a harsh winter when the condensation is severe, your window frames could easily show signs of rotting or fraying by the time summer arrives. The rotting of window frames is one of the most common problems, especially when made of wood. While many prefer the look of real wood, the maintenance required can be tremendous.

You can say the same about your door if it’s made of wood. Many doors installed decades ago are wooden and could be rotting away from the weather. Even if you use a screen door in front of the door, condensation can wreak havoc and make your door an eyesore after years of exposure.


Temperature fluctuations can also make your window frames expand and contract. Over time, this causes warping that can make your older frames look distorted. Sash windows are noted for being especially susceptible to warping. Once warping occurs, it’s going to affect the performance of the window and also become an embarrassing sight if you have regular visitors.

The only way to fix that issue is to replace both the window and frames. We can do that here through Accent Windows with vinyl solutions that never warp.

Additionally, Old doors without insulation can warp which disrupts the door’s ability to work properly.

Loss of Heat

Those old windows and doors you have are also keeping your heat bill high because you’re likely losing heat. In this day of more energy efficiency, upgrading to vinyl windows and doors help give the insulation you need to avoid heat leakage. With different types of energy-efficient glass available that can retain heat; you’ll be able to save even more depending on what you use.

With winter weather perhaps being much harsher in the future throughout the country, having solid vinyl windows and doors may be the best investment you make all year.

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