Baby Wall Decor For The Nursery

Baby Wall Decor For The Nursery

Planning the baby wall décor for your baby’s nursery is one way to prepare for the arrival of the newest member of your family. Nine months is a long time to wait, and preparing the nursery is a constructive way to deal with the anticipation that comes with the wait. Choices available to new parents are endless. Parents choose a theme and the fun begins.

Baby Wall Art

Whether working with a commercial theme, like a Disney character or a character from a children’s book, or a general theme, such as jungle animals or teddy bears, there is art to enhance the baby wall décor you choose. Framed posters and prints will have butterflies or ballerinas dancing across your baby’s room. Another addition could be a framed birth announcement or shower invitation to add to the feel of the room.

Baby Wall Letters

Expectant parents may choose to add wall letters to their baby wall décor, made out of wood, canvas, or resin. Available in bright colors or pastels, block letters or calligraphy, the letters may hang from decorative ribbons or hang directly on the wall. The letters may spell the name of the baby, or the name of a character. The colors can be an outstanding addition any nursery.

Baby Wall Stickers

A versatile choice for your baby wall décor is baby wall stickers. Easy to apply, the stickers can be re-positioned and moved. They are placed directly on the nursery walls and become a part of the wall itself. They can be used as art, or as a backdrop for framed artwork.

Baby Wall Hangings

A form of wall art, baby wall hangings add depth and variety to baby wall décor. Wall hangings generally refer to art work that is hung from a string or ribbon, in the style of a tapestry. They are often appliqued or quilted hangings. They are generally textured, and some even have removable pieces held by Velcro.

Baby Wall Murals

A wall mural is a unique, dramatic way to represent your chosen theme. Parents may choose to create an original mural or purchase wallpaper already decorated with mural prints. A multitude of options are available with many different themes to enhance their baby wall décor.

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